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Student Uniform

Uniform Specifications for the students
For Boys Off White and Navy blue checks shirt
Navy blue full pant with parallel bottom
Black polished shoes with laces uniform socks
Uniform necktie and belt
Boys hair cut should be short
For Girls Off white Navy Blue checks shirt with navy blue pinafore
Black polished shoes uniform socks
Uniform necktie and belt
A hair band is to be worn to keep the hair from falling over the eyes
Girls with long hair must have them neatly plaited and tied up
All hair accessories should be black in color.
Sports Uniform Both boys and girls are to wear school uniformt-shirt and track pants (Color according to the House allotted).
White Canvas Shoes+White uniform socks
Std. I to IV on Every Wednesday and on sports events.
Std. V to VII on Every Thursday and on sports events.
School Sweater School sweater to be worn during winter season.