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"Most Interactive learning methods by a Preschool"
Our PVG's Kindergarten School building Which is unique.All classrooms itself are teaching aids,as we believed that "Education is the manifestation of the perfection alredy in man." Our duty is to Encourage the students to take experience. we have our own subjects modules which are designed to Engage individual child by play way methods students take its experience and as per the students interest they Explore the core concepts which led to a deeper understanding of Numercy, languatstic and different life skills.

1). Our teaching methodology involves hands on Experiences, co operative leaning ,make use of toys, music,dance ,art and craft.
2). Stories play important role in the holistic development of students in our Pre-school by dramatization , narration of stories students are enjoying learning of civic values so they become a awareful ,sensible and responsible citizen.
3). Our school is ready for implementation of NEP from academic year 2019-2020. All activities , we are conducting have their own teaching learning outcomes through which conceptual learning,logical enquiry skills are get developed.
4). Parents are bridge between school and the students. They play important role in students learning process so we always encourage them to take active participation in activities .Various activities are arranged in our school so that parents can experience our unique learning teaching methodology implemented
5). With the aim of providing safe and secure environment to our future generation. In our preschool we encourage students to make use of steel tiffins ,lunch boxes waterbottle,make use of paper bags and staple foods, fresh fruits and vegetables suggested to the students.
You are most welcome to experience our interactive learning methodolog.


PVG's KDES Pre Primary Section, Nashik.