From Headmistress's Desk

Welcome & Greetings!

 At Dr. Kakasaheb Deodhar English Pre School (Pre-Primary section). we encourage kids to observe, explore, think and enjoy the learning with fun. It has always been our endeavor to create for every child rich and challenging experiences to promote learning and growing.

 Our school is founded in 2001 which is conveniently located at the prime location in Nashik City. Our school always encourages the uniqueness of Individual child. We provide fear free environment where kids can discover, explore, learn and improve their logical thinking. In Pre-child education it is very important to emphasis on the development of kid's fine and gross motor skills. All this is possible because of committed school community.

 Children especially of 3 to 6 years have age innate path of Psychological development, and they are best of their observation. Our school environment is constructed in proportion to children's needs where the class room arrangement is in such way that facilitate movement and activities. Environment in the class rooms and outside is full with harmony, beauty and cleanliness .Children from age group 3 to 6 are in the phase of developing which require focus through multi sensory and age appropriate activities. To full fill the need of developing phase of children, the class room materials are arranged on child's height shelves.

 Role of teacher is to guide the individual student by letting each child to create their own learning pathway. Our teachers are abundant in fairness, effectiveness and knowledge, who develop love and interest in learning and treat children with empathy and respect.

  Class room material usually include a modules for engaging students in practical skills like pouring, spooning, washing ,sweeping, scrubbing walls material. Maths material, language material, music & art material, toys. We follows simple to complex known to unknown concrete to abstract path of learning. With the view of holistic development, we emphasis on language development, fine motor development, socio- emotional development, gross motor development, cognitive development. Our institution has huge playground area where children enjoy the various outdoor games. In class room we give liberty to the child in choose and act freely within an environment prepared according child would act spontaneously for optimal development. We believe that each child is different in his/her intellect. Neither we can weigh them all in one scale nor exam can determine the entire future of child

We follow simple to complex known to unknown, concrete to abstract path of learning. If society wants to grow, develop and flourish we must impart the bridge between school and parents. Therefore we conduct different counseling and parent's orientation to develop strong bonding between school and home collaboration


PVG's KDES Pre Primary Section, Nashik.